Why freedom of speech is important essay

Please forward this error screen to 209. The Supreme Court is about to decide whether a why freedom of speech is important essay has a First Amendment right not to be compelled to design and create cakes celebrating same-sex weddings.

The baker’s best legal argument is simple, and it survives the best objections filed by the ACLU and Progressive scholars. Next week, the Supreme Court will hear one of the most important free speech cases in years, a case of special concern to libertarians and conservatives, small business-owners, artisans, and religious believers. First Amendment right not to be compelled to design and create custom wedding cakes for same-sex weddings. Many legal commentators think the case is either a very close call or a certain defeat for Phillips.

In fact, Phillips’s case is very strong. It is based on freedom-of-speech doctrines favored by conservatives and liberals alike. You aren’t free to express your convictions authentically if the state can make you affirm its own orthodoxies. Supreme Court has said government can’t force you to say, do, or make something that carries a message you reject. Political majorities are entitled to enact their beliefs into law, but not to force dissenting minorities to affirm those or anyone else’s beliefs in word or deed. To be clear, Phillips serves all patrons, whatever their religion or sexual orientation. So he takes a hit to his business to avoid designing cakes for Halloween parties, which are big sellers, as well as lewd bachelor parties, divorce parties, and much else.