Ways to improve essay writing skills

How to Teach Writing Skills. Literacy, or the ability to ways to improve essay writing skills and write, is one of the greatest gifts you can give a person.

Though the skills are many and take time and practice to master, they will open up countless opportunities across a lifetime. These opportunities can then improve the lives of the next generation, greatly impacting and improving communities. Reading and writing also brings joy to many people. If you would like to encourage literacy skills in the lives of people around you, here are some helpful ideas. Regardless of age level or language, literacy must begin with an understanding of letters. If you are teaching a language with a non-roman alphabet, the same principle applies: teach the characters first.

Teach your students how to recognize the different shapes of the letters. They will need to be able to easily differentiate between letter which look the same or letters which sound the same. Size variation is an important part of learning to write letters. Teach your students about capital letters and lowercase letters and when to use them. If teaching a non-roman alphabet, this will be less of a problem. Directionality is another important skill.