Objective descriptive essay sample

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The study intends to investigate the perception of Hong Kong Shoppers regarding the service and product satisfaction. Thus, this study will determine the complaint behavior of Hong Kong shoppers. For this study, primary research and secondary research will be used. Moreover, the descriptive research method will be utilized. In this method, it is possible that the study would be cheap and quick.

It could also suggest unanticipated hypotheses. Nonetheless, it would be very hard to rule out alternative explanations and especially infer causations. Thus, this study will use the descriptive approach. This descriptive type of research utilizes observations in the study. Descriptive method of research is to gather information about the present existing condition.

Primary research is conducted using questionnaire surveys that are sent to the randomly selected Hong Kong shoppers. Here, the questionnaires will be used to collect quantitative data and the interviews will be used to provide qualitative insights into the data collected. As stated above, this research will partially base its findings through bothquantitative research methods because this permits a flexible and iterative approach. During data gathering the choice and design of methods are constantly modified, based on ongoing analysis. This study will also employ qualitative research method because it will try to find and build theories that will explain the relationship of one variable with another variable through qualitative elements in research. Through this method, qualitative elements that do not have standard measures such as behavior, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs within the business domain will be analyzed. With the rise of the new business models emerging due to technological innovations, various ways to monetize digital content created by firms emerge.

There is a certain relationship suggested by some primary literature resources, however this relationship is applicable only to very specific types of mobile apps. In the field of applied economics whether related to business or to the country as a whole. Phil program at the Department of Marketing of Jahangirnagar University. The study is carried out to find out the importance of motivation for sales people in insurance business in Bangladesh. In this business, sales persons play the biggest role, which is to convince the people for making insurance contracts in their company. For this reason, sales persons have to try and do the best performance to increase the sales of the company as well as their commission. Most employees do this, but some do not.

Because, they are not motivated. Motivation has a great impact in business. It makes employees willing to do their job perfectly. We need to point out the impact of motivation for sales person. The purpose of the study is to find out the importance of motivation for sales people in insurance business in Bangladesh.

Music cafe, unlike a typical record store and cafe will provide the consumers an atmosphere they have never experienced before. Through the aggressive marketing tactics the company will attract high traffic of consumers in the community, mainly college students, to create an outstanding place to socialize, drink coffee, listen to and buy music. Music Cafe will provide an exceptional service by having an outgoing and enthusiastic sales force that has a good knowledge of music. Satisfactory customers will create an atmosphere for customers to come back for more, thus making music cafe a successful and profitable business record store and the other is cafe. The only selection criterion is that the method chosen must provide the best possible conclusions. The researcher applied exploratory study which is a type of Quantitative Design.