Faith will move mountains essay

Crisis of faith” is a popular term bandied about to describe what is going on in the Church. The Catholic Church was the spiritual refuge up until recently. The Catholic Church faith will move mountains essay been the faithful’s arc of safety and spiritual refuge up until recently. The crisis of faith among the faithful and our clergy is alarming.

Conflicting statements and policies coming from the Vatican are causing angst. Moreover, the insidious indifference and contempt for the faithful by some clergy has led many faithful to abandon ship. Monitor which has been nagging at me. The article was a weak attempt to explain the dissolution of some parishes and the establishment of cohorts. The article appears to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the faithful. The excuses for the current Church crisis were legion, however, the article focuses on the laity’s ignorance of the faith as the primary cause. I took objection to the bishop’s scapegoating of the flock for many reasons.

The first was the disingenuous reason for the dissolution of parishes and lack of resources. The primary reason is the more than three billion dollars paid out by the Church due to the sex scandals. Three billion dollars the faithful sacrificed from their sweat and blood to give unto the Lord which was obviously woefully mismanaged. The Bishop’s assertion that the current Church crisis is due in large part to the ignorance of the flock about the Catholic faith was most upsetting to me. If that is the case, perhaps it is the fault of the shepherds who water down the truth and give saccharin and inane homilies instead of catechesis.

National research studies among baptized Catholics born after 1980 dramatically bear out the developments we see locally. When society replaces faith and religion with secular alternatives that are directly opposed to Church teaching and practice, Catholics do not know how to respond, defend against or resist such alternatives. This is not to say that they are not good people doing good things but, rather, they are simply uninformed about their faith and the influence that faith should have in their lives as Catholic individuals and as Catholic communities within the local Church. Why don’t Catholics know their faith? Why are Catholics not participating in the life of the Church? One major reason is the faithful are no longer encouraged to evangelize and another reason is that too many Catholic parishes are cold, segmented into cliques and very unfriendly. Pre-Vatican II the churches were packed and the liturgy was in Latin.

I doubt the laity was any more knowledgeable about the faith then than they are now. The Bishop proffers that society’s allure today is stronger than the Church. That is a poor excuse for failing to evangelize the community. It is an admission of spiritual abandonment. It reminded me of Jesus’ parable of the hired shepherd who abandons his flock to the wolves.