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The mobile shortcut will then be added as an icon on your home screen. Then choose the option to add this bookmark to your home screen. Pat Boone, descendant of the legendary pioneer Daniel Boone, has been a top-selling recording artist, the star of his own hit TV series, a movie star, a Broadway headliner, and a best-selling author in a career that has spanned half a century. 1950s, he sold more records than any artist except Elvis Presley. Your first comment after Trayvon Martin was killed while beating up a neighborhood watchman was that he could have been your son. Yes, if you conceive your son resenting being questioned while wandering at night between houses that had already been burglarized, and in that resentment running after the watchman who was walking away, jumping and punching him from behind, then straddling him and pounding his head against the sidewalk, and being shot by the watchman under him on the pavement. Al Sharpton and your attorney general tried your best to make it so.

And then, by eyewitness sworn account, turning on the policeman who ordered him to stop and being shot as he advanced on him. Sir, in both those and so many other cases, the fact that one of those involved was of the black persuasion had little if anything to do with the outcome. If the perpetrator had been white or Hispanic and the officer black, the outcome would have been the same. But these claims against our country have been a sad trademark of your presidency.

Strange that you, our half-white president, have little to say about these things. Now we come to the horrific scene in Charleston, South Carolina, in which a satanically inspired young white kid mercilessly kills a number of fine black Christians in a Wednesday night prayer service, in church! Though this had a racist element, to be sure, it was more than that and of far greater significance to America than that. Devil himself to kill as many Christians as he could. The fact that they were black was an excuse more than a reason. Let me prove it to you.

You’ve professed to be a Christian, right? You’re surely familiar, then, with the Lord’s Prayer. Why would He include those words in such a short, fundamental, all-inclusive prayer for the ages? Evil is just as real, as present, as all pervasive in this world as God Himself. In fact, the Gospels record that everywhere Jesus went, from the beginning of His earthly ministry to His crucifixion, He was constantly confronted by demons, and He always cast them out of the people they occupied and controlled, setting them free! Mary Magdalene from whom He had cast out seven demons. You think Iran, or Syria, or Russia, or China, even ISIS, which is beheading Christians, even little children in front of their parents, are our greatest enemy?