Any burning problem essay

Conventional wisdom tells us that nerds are good at math and non-nerds are good at having fun. But the truth is that when nerds have fun, the fun is optimized with obsessive precision. This may be one problem Silicon Valley nerds can’t fix. That’s kind of what Burning Man is: Silicon Valley showing the world that there’s nowhere it does not any burning problem essay the last word.

The week-long event is a party like no other, but the story doesn’t end there. It’s a retreat away from comfort and into a shared survival situation. And, for some people, it’s also a strategy for staving off nihilism in a modern world where all needs are met and God’s existence is no longer likely. This probably works for a little while.

But sustaining the distraction from meaninglessness is the one place where the Valley’s ethic cannot reign supreme. I didn’t exactly know what to do on the first night of my first Burn. Each of the 50 souls in my camp was as warm as could be—two German fellows with a rented RV had gone far out of their way to pick me up from the Reno airport at the last minute. But I was still in a lousy mood, being half-equipped in the desert. The friend with whom I’d planned the trip wasn’t arriving until the following afternoon due to work-related matters. He was picking up bikes, the essential mode of transportation in the 70,000-strong Black Rock City. The sun’s light scattered through the dust into hazy caramel as it withdrew behind the mountains.