3 paragraph essay about friendship

I live in a house in Izmit. In the house, there are two bedrooms, one living room 3 paragraph essay about friendship two other rooms that we use as dining rooms. Naturally, we have a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, and a little garden.

My parents spend their time growing vegetables and fruit there. Friends play great roles in our lives so we must know our friends. Firstly, your friend must understand you and of course, you must understand her, too. I think another important point in a friendship is confidence.

You mustn’t tell lies to each other. In addition, you must say everything about yourself. I think these are important for a friendship. If you have a friend like this, you don’t break up with her because a real friend is not found easily. A good friend is a person who doesn’t tell me lies, who helps me and let me help him, and who I can talk to in trust. There are three qualities that I need to see in a good friend. First, a good friend shouldn’t tell lies.